Time, Desire, Power

Depth Psychology, Social Time, and Time-Experience as Psychological Inequality in the Capitalist World-System

The aim of this paper is to demonstrate that within the capitalist world system’s multi-dimensional space of inequalities, besides the existence of objective structural inequalities, depth psychological, partly unconscious inequality dimensions, such as differences in time-experience, are created through the subjectivation of objective structures. With the help of the meta-psychology of Freudian depth psychology, the sociology of knowledge, and world-systems theory, the paper shows that in different life situations, individual actors subjectivise different time constraints and time perceptions from very early childhood, and that these different time constraints and time perceptions conserve actors in particular place values of the capitalist world-system. Thus they act against mobility in an inter- as well as intragenerational sense.

Released: Replika 104, 121–141.
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