Demand in Socialism, Supply in Capitalism

Accesing to Documents of Syrius (1970‒1973)

Syrius was a Hungarian jazz-rock band playing between 1970 and 1973, spent almost a year in Australia. Its marginalized position in the popular music field and its media presence ever since reveals some crucial aspects of both socialist and capitalist cultural policies before and after 1990. The paper examines the meaning of the concept ‘underground’ via historical and current documents, also the DIY practices of the band’s audience. The method leans on current papers of popular music studies, focusing on DIY preservation and cultural heritage. By presenting the documentation, which relates the story of the band, the problematic usage of terms describing musical styles as well as the ambivalent nature of socialist and capitalist cultural policies, both affecting the narrative of Hungarian popular music, might be shown.

Released: Replika 108–109, 265–293.
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