Metamorphosis of the Eco-conscious Way of Life

Judit Farkas: Detach from the umbilical cord. Eco-villages in Hungary

The eco-village as a social phenomenon is a marginal topic in the scene of the social sciences, because it seems to be a social practice involving few people. Therefore, Judit Farkas’s investigations have a great importance, because it is clear from the papers included in the volume that the questions and answers of the founders and maintainers of eco-villages go far beyond the eco-village concept and focus on issues that put the eco-village discourse in a very broad context. Farkas Judit’s book offers this multifaceted study: it demonstrates the problems of consumer society, globalization, centralization, alienation and the environmental-economic-ethical crisis through various alternative world views.

Released: Replika 108–109, 335–345.
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