“When will you be on TV?”


And then this is when those pancrator music came about. They have a kind of positive message; not only that now the devil comes down, cuts the throats and death on his head and that sort of stuff . […] It is not a fake anger that drives them, it is not only a pose; but is really about that there is XY person on stage, and they are f***ing disillusioned of everything and this why they are doing it, in order to express it like that. It is reflected in the tune, in the music. For me, it has always been strange when an angry music sounds terribly edited and crystal clear, because it feels exactly like listening to a pop record. It does not have that untamed power; it is the very essence of it that is edited out of it through the terribly demanding work.

Released: Replika 64–65, 7–29.