Digital Music and Subculture: Sharing Files, Sharing Styles

In this paper the author proposes a new approach for the study of online music sharing communities, drawing from popular music studies and cyberethnography. He describes how issues familiar to popular music scholars—identity and difference, subculture and genre hybridity, and the political economy of technology and music production and consumption— find homologues in the dynamics of online communication, centering around issues of anonymity and trust, identity experimentation, and online communication as a form of “productive consumption.” Subculture is viewed as an entry point into the analysis of online media sharing, in light of the user-driven, interactive experience of online culture. An understanding of the “user-driven” dynamics of music audience subcultures is an invaluable tool in not only forecasting the future of online music consumption patterns, but in understanding other online social dynamics as well.

Released: Replika 64–65, 177–191.
Replika block:
Anikó Lukács