The Future of the Labour Market

According to the authors, in the capitalist economic system, the role of labour is determined by the “principle of double allocation”. On the one hand, wage labour has to provide society with the needed goods and services; on the other hand, it has to supply members of the society with income and appreciation. The labour market, however, is unable to perform this function due to structural (the fictitious nature of labour as a “product”), social (nonintended implications of social policies resulting in the closing the labour market) and political (decline of Keynesianism, the emerging “green” critic of the government’s fixation on economic growth) reasons. As an alternative system of the distribution of labour is deemed to be an unrealistic goal, the authors propose a complementary system of labour distribution by the reformulation of “labour” to incorporate other forms of regular activities that benefit the whole society, such as voluntary work or work in the household.

Released: Replika 68, 63–85.
János Weiss