The Representation of Marital Problems and Divorce in 1979 in Weekly Journal "Nők Lapja"

This paper, drawing on a microhistorical perspective, focuses on the question, how marital conflicts and divorce was represented in 1979 in the weekly paper Nők Lapja, which was one of the most popular weekly paper during the Kádár era. First, from a sociology of the family viewpont, the paper outlines the historical context, and then arranges the analysed texts into different thematic units. The paper explores through discourse analysis the narratives, contexts, modalities, actors and subtopics which specify the public discourses about divorce in this period of the Kádár era. The analysis of characteristic discourses of divorce in Nők Lapja not only sheds light on the dynamics of press in 1979, but provides a special point of view for the evaluation of the public sphere in the Kádár-era.

Released: Replika 113, 91–111.