Analyzes and Thoughts about The Sociology of Individuals

An Interview with Danilo Martuccelli

Az interjút készítette:

This interview with Danilo Martuccelli, one of the key authors of the new sociologies of the individual was recently conducted in Paris. In his opinion the sociologies of the individual are not to be viewed as a new sociological school, but rather as a common interest and sensibility. While presenting the contribution of French scholars to this new sociological approach, he puts an emphasis on the centrality of Foucault’s oeuvre in this respect and on differences from methodological individualism. He also reflects on his own book entitled Société singulariste in which he analyses the triple (intellectual, professional, and analytical) crisis of sociology, and makes some propositions in order to leave this crisis behind. He finally gives an account of possible usages of the sociologies of the individual in an international context, the groundings of a new comparative sociology and his experiences of his previous research in South-America.

Released: Replika 79, 23–44.
András Szépe