Do I(nterne)t Yourself

The Hungarian Hardcore Punk and the Virtual Space

Since hardcore punk is one of the subcultures that emerged before the triumphal march of the Internet, the possibilities offered by the virtual space are not included neither in its original ethos (which attributes a great significance to underground organization, personal presence and subcultural identity as a collective experience) nor among its original practices. Despite the fact that some of the discourses about the connection between the use of the Internet and the authenticity still indicate that the use of the web for subcultural purposes is in some respects inconsistent with the hardcore punk ethos, by the beginning of the 21st century the Internet has worldwide become an essential part of the participants’ everyday lives and an almost indispensable virtual extension of hardcore punk scenes. Through the example of the Hungarian scene, in my paper I intend to examine how Hungarian hardcore punks reconcile in their discourses and practices the do it yourself mentality and underground logic of their subculture with the use of the Internet for subcultural purposes.

Released: Replika 90–91, 79–98.
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