Intensive Culture-consumers on the Internet

Leisure Time-structure, Internet Usage, Culture-consumerism

The ongoing spreading usage of the computer and the Internet has caused some fundamental changes in leisure time activities, in the field of mass media and in culture consumerism as well. The information-communication devices are enhancing the possibility of interaction and they are able to make consumers’ needs satisfy in culture-consumerism. The computer and the Internet are not only ways which enable the user to enter information society and utilize this world-wide communication network; but they can also make the user take an advantage from the outstanding community-organizing potential of technology itself. The Internet enables individuals and groups with high cultural preferences to make their cultural consumerism much wider, more colourful with the help of technological devices. I would like to present a sociological analysis of an internet group whose members are connected by music taste and preferences. I attempt to compare it to the relevant, national data as well.

Released: Replika 90–91, 99–116.
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